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Trade-In Value: The Complete Truth

The Appraisal Lane

The number one thing people struggle with when they’re buying a new car is the trade-in value for their old car. So don’t worry – if you’re feeling confused about your trade-in value, you are definitely not alone.

The purchase of a new car should be a euphoric experience – getting behind the wheel for the first time, breathing in that new car smell, and putting on those unforgettable first few miles. That’s what buying a new car is really all about, right? ​But drivers consistently report that purchasing a vehicle is one of their least favorite activities, mostly read more >>>>

Vinnie Myers Nipple Tattooing

Elisabeth Potter, MD

You may know the Vinnie Myers Team from the Today Show, YouTube, Facebook and the internet. Recently, we sat down with Paul Bessette and Trent Wyczawski – two members of the infamous foursome – to talk about nipple tattooing, their commitment to helping women face breast cancer and what patients can expect when they reach this final phase of breast reconstruction. With over 35 years of combined tattoo experience and approximately eight years of read more >>>>

Lifestyle Writing

Your Guide to Great Looking Skin on Your Wedding Day

Elisabeth Potter, MD

You’ve set the wedding date, chosen the venue, sent the invitations, and planned the reception. Wait! What about your skin? Avoid saying “Yes To The Stress” when planning your upcoming nuptials by booking your personalized skincare consultation at least six months in advance with our aesthetic experts. You don’t need additional breakouts, brides – so sit back, relax and let us be your bridal squad. We’ve got this. read more >>>>

Coping With Clichés

Trulife Breastcare – Ireland

Breast cancer. I find it hard to describe without using the standard clichés. You know, the wild ride, the upside-down rollercoaster, the fight, the battle, the journey. Ugh. It screams loud and clear that we all experience the exact same feelings yet have the same difficult time articulating our thoughts into more meaningful words. We cannot adequately express the mental anguish or find the right words to pinpoint the fear, anxiety, and yes, even the sheer joy and gratefulness of this cancer experience.

Like you – to borrow a few more clichés – it turned my world upside down and was a life-changer. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was October 31, 2011, unusually hot, even for Texas, and I was heading home after work. My heart sunk when the phone rang because I was awaiting the news of my breast biopsy, and like so many of you, it was the afternoon that I heard read more >>>>

Web Content Writing

Web Content Writing

Breast Revision Surgery

Elisabeth Potter, MD

With the advancement of breast reconstruction techniques, more often than not, reconstruction is done in multiple stages and over a period of time. In other words, breast revision surgeries may be necessary – not because of a poor cosmetic result but because individual reconstruction is based on a case-by-case plan and may require multiple staging. Other patients may seek breast revisions due to dissatisfaction or poor outcome of read more >>>>

Three-Hour Transformations

Melinda Gray Interiors

Ever had a friend reach into your closet and pull out a brand new outfit using the same old things? Why not consult a professional to do the same in your home? In as little as three hours, and using your favorite possessions, Melinda Gray transforms your old, tired room into an invigorating new space. With an eye for color and a mind for detail, Melinda reinvents read more >>>>

Research-Based Writing

Forever Young Fotofacial: What’s the Buzz About?

Elisabeth Potter, MD

“FotoFacial is the real Hollywood anti-aging beauty secret. It is the closest we have come to the fountain of youth.” – Patrick Bitter, Jr., MD

You’ve probably heard the term Fotofacial®, but what is it exactly and what can it REALLY do for you? Fotofacial, a non-invasive treatment created by well-known dermatologist, Dr. Patrick Bitter Jr, MD, uses broadband light (BBL) – a trademarked powerful intense pulsed light (IPL) – to address problematic skin. Primarily used on the face, neck and/or chest, Fotofacial can also be used on other parts of the body. Backed by over 20 years of research and scientific studies, Fotofacial yields dramatic results. If your goal is healthier, younger-looking skin, Fotofacial may be right read more >>>>

Laser & IPL Treatments

Elisabeth Potter, MD

Now you can address your skin’s concerns with the power and speed of laser and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). A laser treatment delivers a direct beam of energy to one specific targeted area. An IPL treatment consists of a series of high-intensity pulses of broad spectrum light. Both procedures can provide dramatic results. Using a consultative approach, our laser and IPL experts determine which treatment best addresses your problematic areas to reveal a healthier looking you. read more >>>>

Creative Writing

Sasee Magazine

Summer in Seward

Fresh off the airplane, I felt the prick of the chilled night air on my skin. I wished like mad that I wasn’t clad in a tank top and athletic shorts, but even my poor choice in travel wear couldn’t dampen my spirit. My boyfriend, on the other hand, was quite another story. Quite frankly, my first visit to Alaska was a nightmare, but as you might imagine, that had more to do with him than actual Alaska. That relationship tanked, but my fascination with the Last Frontier didn’t. read more>>>>

Henna Chevrolet

Used Car Ads

Whoever said less is more obviously didn’t live in Texas. Here, more is more, like this half-ton 2013 Chevy Silverado Crew Cab. It’s the Texas Trophy Hunters Edition, y’all. With custom rims and tires that allow off-roadin’ anywhere, and a grill guard you’d expect to see on JR and Bobby’s Chevy, this 4WD beast looks like it slipped straight off the truck in Dallas. With a 6.2L V8 engine, 3-step sidebars, a top-of-the-line bed liner and leather interior, you’ll not only get the job done, but it’ll be in style. Come see this rugged champion in our virtual showroom 24/7 @ hennachevrolet.com.


Business Writing

Job Posting Excerpt

The Appraisal Lane

At The Appraisal Lane (TAL), we’ve innovated the used vehicle valuation process. Partnering with automotive dealers to appraise cars, we deliver an exact number in under 15 minutes. Unlike appraisal tools of the past, there are no algorithms here – we use REAL appraisers to submit REAL offers backed by cash. The Appraisal Lane works with other dealers around the US to sell the appraised vehicle, saving partner dealerships both time and money. Recently, we’ve expanded our market with the addition of our consumer component – allowing individual car buyers to submit vehicles for cash/trade-in offers redeemable at participating dealerships. 

Voted the 4th fastest growing technology company and the 3rd best place to work in Austin by the Austin Business Journal, it’s no surprise that our company has experienced rapid growth. As a result, we are hiring motivated people who can drive growth and contribute pioneering ideas to our team. TAL values its collaborative community and strives to provide a tight-knit, “work family” environment.  

Internationally Published Writing

International Published Writing

Chicken Soup for the Soul: From Lemons to Lemonade

An Unlikely Pair

Jack is clever. And creative. And that’s how we came to have dinner together three years ago. For months, we’d been Facebooking back and forth – just as friends – so naturally, when he contacted me about joining everyone for a happy hour, I accepted. It seemed perfectly legit because by “everyone,” he meant many of our hometown classmates. You see, Jack and I grew up together in a small Texas town, albeit from different sides of the track. He was a wild and reckless boy, and well, I was the proverbial good girl. I was responsible, walked the straight and narrow read more >>>>

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Reboot Your Life


I was sitting poolside at my birthday party, dangling my feet in the water, when I suddenly felt old. All that seemed to be missing to complete my spinster persona was a house full of cats. This was not what I had pictured for myself at thirty. In the midst of all my friends’ wedding ceremonies and baby making, I felt lost – sad, single and hopeless.

With all my fruitless soul mate searching, an entire decade of personal opportunity had passed me by. Sitting there, scouring my memory bank, I couldn’t think of a single unique or significant moment from my read more >>>>

Mass Communication

Hot Summer Savings on Juvederm Vollure™

Postcard Campaign – Elisabeth Potter, MD

Summer is here and so is Juvederm’s newest release – Vollure XC. Look your best for vacation photos, weddings and summer parties. And for the month of June, take $100, $200 or even $400 off your purchase. The best part? You can mix and match Juvederm products – with the purchase of one Vollure XC syringe, you can add additional Juvederm syringes and save!

Enjoy additional discounts when you add Botox or Kybella.

Product Writing

Healthy Skin is Beautiful Skin With Epionce

Elisabeth Potter, MD

We’ve added the highly reputable, science-based skin care line, Epionce, to our stellar skin care lineup. You’ll often hear us talk about “The Science of Skin Care” because we understand how critical a good treatment plan and day-to-day skin care regimen is when addressing your cosmetic goals. Research-based and dedicated to skin health, Epionce takes the “Science of Skin Care” very seriously with each formulation, ensuring that you receive read more >>>>

Bio Writing

Cherie Mathews

The Recovery Shirt

Cherie Mathews is on a mission to change the quality of recovery care in America. Her plan is to provide comfortable recovery options for patients undergoing the ordeal of difficult upper-body surgeries. Mathews, a breast cancer survivor, was instructed on an already emotional day – just like a vast number of patients across the country – to bring an oversized men’s button-up shirt and some shoelaces to surgery. Standard post-operative instructions called for “loose-fitting clothing,” and after her mastectomy, Cherie came to the painful realization that there were not adequate recovery provisions for her or other patients going through similar procedures. Something was missing from the medical system – something to help provide patients with a sense of comfort and dignity during recovery read more >>>>

Fabulous Working Ladies

About Us – fabulousworkingladies.com

According to the age-old stereotype, women love two things—shoes and purses.  While we’re definitely fond of a Coach bag and some peep-toe pumps, we believe a woman’s most prized accessories are her girlfriends.  Welcome to The Fabulous Working Ladies, where FAB—Friendship and Business—describes both our style and vision.  We invite you to take a peek into our FAB world, a place where we build each other up and give back to the community while networking and nurturing our personal business interests.

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