Beginner Photoshop Classes

Four-week beginner Photoshop classes for adult learners

  • Meets virtually once per week in a small group setting
  • Incorporates synchronous live instruction and asynchronous video tutorials
  • Provides permanent access to step-by-step and easy to understand tutorials

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Provides basic Photoshop skills needed to edit photos

  • Critical tools, working with layers, and troubleshooting
  • Background and object removal and combining photo elements
  • Filter application, healing imperfections, cloning and adjustments
After – fixing imperfections with the spot healing brush, liquify and forward warp tool
After – embedding elements with the quick selection tool, eyedropper and free transform
After – embedding elements using the quick selection tool and free transform
After – using the lasso and edit function to remove objects from photos
After – embedding elements with the quick selection tool, clone stamp and adjustments
After – creating 3D effects with the quick selection tool, layers and adjustments
After – creating artistic photos using black & white adjustments
After – creating digital art using a combination of tools and techniques

I signed up for her Photoshop tutorial without really knowing what to expect. She is well organized, efficient and quick on her feet. She was able to answer or find the answer to any questions I had.

Kenita, Austin, TX

She finds ways to make the class not only stimulating but also fun, seeming to effortlessly give each member individual attention and acknowledgment along the way.

Lisa, Nashville, TN